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Joining Market76 gives financial advisors the scale and technology to find, buy, and implement the best products, services, and software to help every client—easily, quickly, and cost-effectively.

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Nearly a half million financial advisors and private investors are building the future of wealth management on Market76.

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"Early adopters will love it; [this] will turn the [advisor] technology business on its head."
Doug Throckmorton
VP, National Advisors Trust
"The software is very well put-together...Market76 is ahead of the curve."
Bill Winterberg
President & Founder,
"[You] are doing it right...useful information [tied] back to clients. Good stuff."
James Osborne
President, Bason Asset Mgmt

You can connect your current services and technology, or get new ones.

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Practice Management

  • Compliance & Legal
  • Insurance; E&O
  • HR & Benefits
  • Administrative Support
  • Reconciliation
  • Client services e99a5a14956bfd3080d9a9beb3f545c24b2b9a280d5c7d05f3ad877ba3d5f16e

    Client Services

  • Client Concierge
  • Bill Pay & Invoicing
  • Legal & Accounting
  • CRM & Reporting
  • Travel & Entertainment
  • Financial products 6513a4741583c000a3f5ca6a35308876f66a72e044071b24d2cefbede9cde75a

    Financial Products

  • Mutual Fund Information
  • Alternative Investments
  • Asset Allocation Studies
  • Manager Research
  • Insurance
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    By covering the logistical overhead for thousands of advisors all at once--we make it attractive for high quality product and service providers to offer their best service to our customers at competitive prices.

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    Technology = Independence. We offer no proprietary product that may impart bias on our customers’ efforts to find the best options for their clients and businesses. Even our in-house technology is free.

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    All in one place

    Market76 provides advisors an integrated 360°-view of their clients and practice. Members can access their profile data through our applications, marketplace software and services, or 3rd-party apps using our API. With everything in one place, it's easier than ever to discover, purchase, and implement the best products and services for your clients and practice.

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    Advisors who use Market76 assure their clients, prospects, and partners that they are dedicated to independent thought and excellent decision-making.

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