Persona Advisor

Stop fighting with your CRM.

  • Zero data entry and no manual upkeep required.
  • Automatically curated client profiles from email, calendar, and portfolio integrations.
  • Alerts and milestones sent to your inbox.

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Why Persona?

100% of the data, 0% of the manual entry and upkeep.


Everything you'd have in a traditional CRM system without the added frustration of a traditional CRM system.

No more copying and pasting information from place to place.

No more BCCing some hidden CRM inbox on client emails.

Just set up your data sources and we'll handle the rest.

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Rich client profiles to keep everything all in one place.

Persona takes the work out of keeping your client data organized and pushes it to you, right where you need it.

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Client address update at Schwab?
No sweat.
New accounts from Fidelity?
Piece of cake.
Meeting invitation from a colleague?

Persona finds the identifying information in every data sync to automatically link and update new information with your existing client records.

Daily news digests curated just for you.

Get updates on stories that matter to you, right in your inbox.

News stories contextualized to your clients and practice.

Quickly identify client exposure to major market events and take proactive steps in communicating with your clients.

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Stay up to date with your team.

Take the guesswork out of secure sharing.

Automated permissioning based on your custodian rep-codes.

Easily share contacts, notes, and other client records.

Admin view for easy insight into your entire practice.

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